How do i become more vampyric?

How do i become more vampyric?


Don't worry you suck enough as it is.


Suck someone.


wierd question.. but ill answer it anyway

be nocturnal


dont eat in front of people

dont use fake tan

if you wanna go way over the top do a transylvanian accent


1: dont tan

2: be mysterious

3: get yellow/red contacts

4: be nocturnal

5: dont ever seem rushed, vampires are never in a hurry

6: be chill.

7: dont ask people how to be a vampire haha




You don't want to. Its nothing like fictional works make it out to be! Its not fun, you are still physically "mortal" and alive, it does not improve your looks or chances with potential mates, no special fangs, not possible to change people - including you, it does not give you powers of super-strength.

Even if you could be changed or turned (which is subject to debate) it's not something that anyone would want!


Listen to me there is always a limit as to what a human being can do, And no matter how hard you try you will always be just another wanna-be vampire.... And remember this it is very possible for you to get very sick drinking human blood and yes you can even die..... So if you are as smart as I think that you are then you should stop yourself when it come to drinking animal or human blood period................