What women's clothes would you make a guy wear if he lost a bet?

I bet my guy friend and he lost. The deal was I can dress him in women's clothes if he lost. Idk what to dress him in. Any ideas? Links could help please


The highest heels you can find, stockings, a miniskirt, a thong, a strapless top.


Lol make him dress up like lady gaga


A frilly strapless dress?


a frilly strapless dress, with make up and a wig, and make him go out in public with you.


a pink tutu and ballerina shoes......that's learn him to lose that bet!

much love and hope. pj


Everything a woman wears to go out to the club. Include a wig make it real.


Skanikify him. Stockings, garter, skirt and a teddy.