Ramadan - Guys Cas the witch is back?

Who else got an email ?

Cas if you're reading this; I'm not going to watch those links...

Salaam :D


Walaykum assalam.

Hehe, she emailed me twice. She started out from how I wanted to take over the world and ended up in "Don't let your emotions take over, stupid Muslim". Woot. ^__^


I didn't get one!


She's nuts


That hag is a filthy mouthed xenophobe and she should be ignored and reported.


She is entitled to her opinion (if she is a she) as we all are. The beauty of free media.

She has never e mailed me, but i have a thick capsule!


i've got my fair share of emails from her.

she does have the gift of the gab mind you...

but she doesn't have real arguments in her answers, she just makes the rubbish she's writing sound good.

ah well, good for you if you don't watch them :)


She's emailed me before, apparently I'm an evil, extremist horrible Muslim, last time I checked I was quite moderate.

She has no real arguments makes it up and keeps repeating over and over, and wont stop no matter how many times you prove her claims about Islam to be wrong. Really sad girl, she's got like a million accounts, I've got about 8 of hers blocked.