Racist against your own race?

I have a profile on a website and on the about me part, it says I don't like black guys cause they are annoying and then said I hate racists. So someone says that I contradicted myself and are a racist. How can you be racist against your own race and how does telling about me make me racist and a hypocrite?


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I think if you just dropped black and replaced it with the adjectives you would be perceived correctly. Ask yourself this, if you met a guy of a different race (indian, cuban, russian, etc) who possessed those same qualities that you find unattractive in the black men that you've met, would you be interested in him? If the answer is yes you are definitely hating based on race, if no then your attitude does actually stem from what you look for in personality. Warning though, stop generalizing. You are just asking for trouble and falling victim the same idiotic ideas on race that hold us back from being one. Skin color ain't nothin but a difference in melanin the sooner you remember that....<3


One of my good friends is black and she hates ALL black people, which is the reason why i'm friends with her. She acts civilized and laughs at the ghetto bytches with me.


not moi


As a proud black gay man, I only date white guys. I don't care who finds it racist.


You are just a self-hater or a race traitor. Thats all.


Because you sound racist. How could you not like your own race, it's not normal in my opinion. I'm White and I like White women.


You won't necessarily get good feedback leaving that and that looks ignorant on you're part.


I hate black people too, especially the ghetto ones, or the ones who live in denial about the problems in our community.