Why does this guy date Asian Women now and not white women?

I also saw him on video

he used to date this hot white girl and another white girl before that and another now he's with an Asian do guys like Asian Girls?

He's half black and half white he's not 1% Asian.


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Cause he's mentally retarded, as you can see in the picture.

But smart enough not to date BW.


They're both ugly!

So no one should care, lol.


oh my god .. where are you meeting all these men? first the guy who wouldn't date black women, now him?

I dont freakin now, just ask him! How should we know why?


he can't get white girls

he likes small eyes and square jaws

he likes asian men


That chick looks half black half asian. Either that or she's Filipina.


oh daayum, he looks mexican and really hot but honestly, you must be jealous if you're posting this pointless q about him.

PS, that "women" looks like a tranny.


No such think as hot white girl. Only hot white devils, and they are not hot as in pretty way they are hot as in burning in hell fire way.



lol no competition with white guys, all the ladies chose me over you guys already. Their is no competition white guys.

White Guys get angry when their women chose me over them and go crazy.