Gay men, what stereotypes do you apply to?

...and what sterotypes do you break?


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Hm... Well I guess i fit into the stereotypical gay bear. Broad shouldered, Hairy, Masculine.

I break stereotypes like having a lisp, talking about fashion, keeping up with the latest fashion, Gossiping with girls about what's happening on desperate house wives, Having more friends that are girls then blokes.

many more but i think you get the picture. ;)




oh what are you talking about


I think i act straight with a hint of fem in me :)


Straight with a hint of the other guy said. My biggest stereotypical characteristic is that I'm really into fashion but thats because I know I look cuter with those clothes on.


i'm very girly (nail polish, shopping)

I'm very clean

I have a lisp

I'm a model and aspiring designer.

Very skinny, 5'9 and 65 lbs


I think you mean "what stereotypes apply to you". Other than liking men, none.


None of the gay stereotypes really apply to me. A few nerd and furry stereotypes do, though.