What the hell is with the Albanians?

They go around saying that every famous person you mention is "Albanian", and that Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Capone, and other Italians are actually Albanians. They temporarily changed the wikipedia page for these actors to say that they're "Albanian", and they buy all the Italian restaraunts in New York, Michigan, and now Chicago. Something like 60 or 70% of pizza parlors are owned by Albanians now in New York. What the hell is this? They make up bullsh!i, saying that their descendants came from Albanian and to Sicily, and then to America, to become the greatest mobsters, actors of mobsters. It's funny how they tend to claim more mafia like characters the most proudly. It isn't true though because then these people would be calling themselves Albanians instead of Italians. You see how proud Albanians are, and in Sicily there are separate communities of Albanians who live with only other Albanians, and they NEVER mix with outsiders because they like to preserve their blood line. If these people were Albanians, they would know it from their family, and they would say they were Albanians. Thats what Albanians do now! Why the hell are they stealing Italian culture and identity, trying to take credit for it? My Albanian friend always tries to act like he's just like me. He's not. And, who would have guessed, his dad is going to open an Italian resturaunt! Whoopie!

I'm Italian, and much of my culture comes from Catholicism, and he's a Muslim. Our music is different, and so are our cultures and traditions. So what we have a few things in common, that doesn't make us the same f8888king people. Why are they taking credit for what Italians have done? Don't they have a culture of their own?


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All I know about them is that they are clannish people, but yeah you're right they display a lot of ethnic pride. Some of them are mobsters, but mostly in Europe - they smuggle illegal immigrants into Italy by speedboat over the Adriatic. I think they do their share of pimping too.

I'm actually surprised that Albanians who live abroad are semi-successful in business. Albania is decrepit and economically dead. They overpopulated Kosovo to such a degree that it became 90% Albanian and then they seceded, with the help of the U.S. of course. Kosovo was a mess - it had so many unemployed Albanians in it and was dirt poor. No wonder they got involved in trafficking Heroin into Western Europe.

Actually, you're right that they muscle themselves into certain niches, and then harass other employees when there's a lot of them working at a location in order to get them to leave.


What is wrong with you two guys? Why can't you accept that there are Albanians that are smart and they can become successful business people and famous actors and rich? What is wrong with albanians having 60-70% of pizza restaurants in New York. Do you think that pizzas were invented in italy? Albanians have had pizzas and many other special desserts too for centuries. Pasta also is not something that was invented in Italy. They have been around the mediterranean area for centuries. So, what is wrong to have pizza restaurants in New York? Its obvious that you two are racist and can't accept that your neighbors can be successful. Shame on you! Famous Albanians are: Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, he was an Illyrian-Albanian; Mother Theresa, John and Jim Belushi, Eliza Dushku, Ridge Phelbs. The last four have accepted that they are albanians in TV shows. There are so many albanians living in Italy for centuries now, plus millions of albanians live in Greece, and many former republics of Yugoslavia. There are albanians living in Turkey, southern states of former soviet republics and many countries of Europe. So, why are you surprised that many actors are albanian in origin?


You both are haters and most of all ignorants. Al pacino robert de niro joe pesci are all Calabreze from sicily palermo etc. And to you who questions the Albanians fuck you. Your not a fucking italian. you have no fucking scent of an italian. you think that your from NY and whatever and you think that makes you an Italian. Do you know how much Italians from Italy hates the " italian - americans"? a lot. They don't even consider ya'll Italians. Second we don't give a fuck about the muslim religion. And you don't act like your an real catholic. cause your church forgives you after everything bad you've done and as long as you go to confess your fine. you a bullshit. and read more history you dumb fuck before you be a smart ass. cocksucker. including the second serbian or greek cock who mades stupid comments all the time.


Fact is that a large portion of Calabria, Puglia, Apuglia and Sicily were and are inhabited by Albanians (or Arberesh as they called themselves in the 15th century). A lot of Italian-Americans (note: Not All) do have Arberesh, aka Albanian blood/heritage. Congressman Joe DioGuardi is an Italo-Albanian and is very open about it, having worked over 20 years for the benefit of the Albanian populations of Albania and Kosova. Also, has it never occurred to Italian-Americans as to why so many of them have the surname "ALBANESE" which in Italian means "ALBANIAN"? Have any Italian-Americans ever heard of the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini, which clearly lays out the laws and honor codes of clan behavior which was later incorporated into the Mafia's code of honor?! There's even a book written about the origin of the clanish and honor characteristics dear to the Mafia having originated from the Kanun of Lek Dukagjin. Some reading, research, asking your friends and family, and history would help sort out a lot of questions. There's a "Piazza degli Albanesi" right smack in Calabria. There's also a statue of the Albanian anti-Turk warrior and hero, Scanderbeg, right in Italy. A lot of Italian-Americans I have met admit to having at least one grandparent who spoke a language that wasn't Italian, aka Albanian. Kara Dioguardi, Joe's daughter admitted on Regis & Kelly a few years ago when she was part of American Idol, that she is part Albanian and Italian. Then Regis chimed in and said he too was an Italo-Albanian by heritage. As for the restaurant bit, newsflash: we're mediterranean, so we eat the same food that the land provides - seafood, wine, olives, oranges, olive oil etc. and we gravitate towards other Mediterranean people. We're exceptionally smart - each of us speaks at least 2 languages fluently whereas most of you "Italians" don't even know yours. And to address the others talking about crime - that was a time of upheaval & transition and of course that's when criminals are the most active, and Albanians were not alone, they were working with the Cosa Nostra, Sacra Corona and with the Yugoslavs, such as Serbs and Macedonians and Romanians looking to use the Albanian port of Durres as they were landlocked from the West. Again, read and learn. And yes, honey we do have a culture of our own as old as yours, and even managed to infiltrate and affect yours. Go visit Albania and see. BTW, your biggest Catholic hero too was an Albanian - Mother Teresa, aka Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. There's a list of names I can rattle off right now but you get my drift. Please read a little, just a bit. And as for KosovA, it is, was and will always be Albanian land. Contrary to the bullshit someone wrote, Kosova has always been inhabited by Albanian with ebbs and flows in population demographics depending on local politics (like the early 20th century Serb decree which forced more than 1 million Kosovars to be sent to Turkey against their will). The Serbs however, were a nomadic Slav tribe from the Carpathian mountains that decided in the 7th century AD to settle in the Balkans, thousands of years after the Albanians were already living and thriving there - just read Herodotus's "Histories" or Noel Malcolm's "Kosovo" or "The Illyrians" by John Wilkes which concludes that the only language similar to ancient Illyrian is Albanian. And by ancient, I mean thousands of years before a Slav set foot in the Balkans. :)


Well first of all you have to read about Albanian History and understand it and then you can comment why most Italian actors are Albanian descent. More then million of Albanians migrated to Italy after they lost their hero Gjergj Kastrioti "Skenderbeg" who fought to protect the Albanian people and Roman Catholic Church. If Turks got over to Rome the Europe would of been all Muslims. Now all those Albanians known as Arbresh that migrated to Italy were latter on suppress by the Italins Fascist Mussolini.They added "o" to their last name to make it seem like they are Italians like Paccino last name Pacini. Once again before you speak about a group of people make sure you know the history. Most tough guys even Italian mobster in USA were Albanian descent. It is true they came from Italy but ALBANIAN DESCENT. If you go deep in to their roots some of them admit it that they have Albanian blood some don't care. If you really look at deeply how they have mafia feud between families is similar to Albanian feuds in Albania the codes of respect and other thing.


I'm Albanian, and I'm ont goign to fill this website of 'ALBANIA RULES ALL!' but I want to state this. Look at any ancient maps of europe, it shows you that Kosovo and more is part of Albania, but other countries didnt like this so they teamed up and took pieces away from us. and another thing about this "Italy is full of Albanians", the Ottoman empire wanted to take over Albania and then wanted to proceed to takign over Italy or as much as they could, but when they stepped foot in Albania, they failed, even though they had a lot more men, the Albanians had strategies so they faught them for ages. An Albanian boy was kidnapped and taken under care of the Ottoman prince and was trained to fight Albanians, before he was kidnapped his mother shouted "Dont forget your roots" and he did not. So when he grew up he prentended to be with the Ottomans until they brang him over to fight Albania, which he then declined and began to help his true people, THEN the Italians saw what was happening and thought "Fuck man, we cant let these Ottoman basterds invade us!" so the prince gifted Skenenderbeu with a golden plated helmet and they teamed up forces to over-come the Ottomans, and to reward them they gave them land in Italy, most of Southern Italy, the city of "Bari" is one of them, then they faught off the Turks and we all lived happily ever after until other countries started takign our land of jealousy of our relations with the Italians and assholes posting hate on the internet about it. SO MY POINT I, Albanians arn't "trying to take over bits of Italy" they are livign in the land rewarded to them for they're protection of the Italian Empire. Now obviously im not sayign all Albanians are good, because not all Greeks are good? Not all Serbs are good? Not all Italians are good? do you get what i mean? and why is everyone acting like Albanians invented Pimping? other countries PIMP wayyyy more then Albania, Albania is like last on the pimping list so... My point is, I'm Albanian, I love Italy, I live in England and why cant you hating assholes just stop, all your facts are wrong. -___-


Italians have albanian blood if you look at history bloodlines not present.


What the hell is wrong with you. Robert De Niro has admitted on TV ( an italian show) that he has Albanian quote him ..."sicilian blood, albanian - italian"