I am A LOT of Italian and as pale as can be?

Is this normal? I know this is a stupid question..I have real dark hair and dark my hair is real dark brown and my eyes are dark brown and sometimes they are hazel and green.. my eyes are like.. darker in general cuz my eye lashes are creepishly long (My moms dads side was full blood Italian) but I am reallllly pale anyway? Would you still even be able to tell I'm Italian or does the fact that I'm really pale automatically make you think I'm not? Weird question haha sorry I'm just curious.. The stereotype for Italian girls seems to be "Tan, Dark hair" but I'm no wear near tan/:

Would it have anything to do with the fact that my dad was almost full blood french while my mom was almost full blood Italian? I'm also a good portion of Indian (not the kind from India) and a tiny but of Irish.. like.. a TINY bit.



French people are very pale and blonde hair, blue eyes Nordic look, so you could get it from your dad I guess, the French are mostly related to the English and the Germans. A lot of Italians don't have dark Mediterranean features, especially northern Italians.


northern Italians are fair skinned.


You explained it yourself. Half bloods look different than full bloods. I am half Dutch hald Finnish. But I am dark blonde, almost brown, have blue mixed with green/brown eyes and have dark eyebrows and pale skin. So not the stereotypical blonde scandinavian either. There is never a stereotypical Italian either. Some Italians might be blonde, some pale, some darker. Just be happy with yourself and don't be too worried about how others might see you. Be satisfied that you look different than others.