Do people from different neighbourhoods have different personalities?

I have lived in Bristol, England, U.K. for most of my life (29 out of 34 years), and I have lived in the west of the city for 27 of those 29 years. The approximate population of the city is 425,000 (city limits) and 550,000 (urban area), and the city is divided by a main river (the river Avon). About 30% of the population live south of the river, and the south of the city is considered to be the least wealthy in terms of the levels of employment. However, enough of the statistics. I shall now get to the bottom of what it is I am trying to say.

What I have stuck in my head is that people who live on one side of this city have a different personality to people who live on the other side of the city. For example, someone who is from Filton (to the north of the city) has a different personality to someone who is from Hartcliffe (in the south of the city). I also think that someone from Kingswood (to the east of the city) has a different personality to someone from Shirehampton (in the west of the city). In both examples, the districts are about 10 miles apart from each other. The main reasons why I think that the above statement is true is because I tend to get on better with people who are from my own area. I think that generally we seem to have more in common, in terms of our personality, our interests and our way of thinking.

I have asked the opinions of fellow Bristolians who I know well whether there is any truth in the above, or whether it is a figment of my imagination. I have had a mixed bag of opinions, but the majority say that it is all in my head. However, according to the local newspaper (the Evening Post) there is a north-south divide concerning crime and employment, but does this also mean that people from either side of the river has a differing personality?

Is it possible in a medium-sized city like Bristol to have people who live on one side of the city to be noticeably different to people who live on the other side of the city? What I have had official confirmation of is that people from one side of the city have got a slightly different accent to people who are from the other side of the city.

Does the north-south divide exist in Bristol? Is there even an east-west divide as well? I would like your opinion on this subject. Perhaps fellow Bristolians can clear this subject up for me, but even if you are not from Bristol, perhaps similar examples could be applied to your home town or city?


Yes. It's that simple. I can see how people from my side of town behave differently than those on the other side of town, as well as people in this region compared to those in neighboring regions, as well as this state to those in other states, then from country to country. Now can you see it?

Yes, we tend to take on similar ideas from those that are nearest to where we reside and in combination to our own way of thinking and forming ideas. And when we begin to have stronger differences in perception than those around us, we tend to migrate to the places where people who share similar ways of thinking reside.

I enjoy sociology - great question!


Yes,in a sense they do. Energies from other areas play a role,but not completely. Birds of a feather flock together regardless.