Factors leading up to the 70% black women single thing?

So out of curiosity why is this number so high. And if you think about it that means 30% of black women are married. That's small. And i was wondering, there are so many beautiful black women out there so why is the number of married black women so low? I just want to hear what you think are factors that contribute to this statistics.


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1.Can't find the right guy

2.Most african American guys are gay or dating someone outside of race

3.Personally, im trying to deal with school. So I could care less about guys right now


Um.........oh i just found my 2 points! Thank you.


Who Cares?


People don't trust statistics made up by whites.


Quality not quantity.


70% aren't single. It's around 40 something, and that makes sense seeing how the divorce rate in the US is 50%.


Can white folks come up with a different #, since coming on here 5 years ago that # as always been the same. Can you ppl at least try a bit with your lies?


Black men tend to prefer other races, and most people don't find black women as attractive as other races. Just being honest.