Who loves to laugh but hates being tickled?

If we love to laugh, and being tickled makes us laugh, should we enjoy being tickled? Why do most hate being tickled then?


Tickling forces laughter against someone's will. Because of that, and because of the loss of control that accompanies tickling, most people hate it, even if they love to laugh about something funny.

I love being tickled, but I can understand why some people hate it.




because when someone tickles you it hurts your stomach. duh!


seriously when some poeple tickle me it freakin hurts, you're suupose to graze the skin not claw and stab my inner organs


If i get tickled too bad I have to pee. Either that or i get tickled and flail around and someone winds up with a knee to the face lol.


I love to be tickled! I don't laugh as much as I should, but I jump around a lot. A lot of the guys at work poke me in the ribs, but I get them back. Any guy who tickles me is okay in my book! lol.