Is it ok to eat my boyfriend's butt out?

We are both very clean people and very much in love. He was a virgin before me, and I had been tested for up to 2 years after having sex after being with him. I find it extremely hot to eat him out. His *** is just so beautiful and muscular. MMM omg. How safe is this? I really don't think I can go without doing this. I don't want to put anything between us either. I put my tongue in there and everything. I make sure to brush my teeth and use mouthwash afterwards. Any suggestions?


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Alright, well my girlfriend has a very Nicki Minaj-esqe butt so I couldn't resist suggesting it. So I looked on sex forums and followed the advice shown there and after eating out her butt I'm perfectly fine.

Just make sure you don't swallow anything, absolutely anything. If some of his faeces touches your saliva...spit it out instantly, advisable to have a cup nearby.

Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and wash your mouth out BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER you eat his butt out to avoid contamination on both parties.

Trust me, you will enjoy it so much (despite the odd taste).




its called rimming and its more common than you think


umm is this a serious question?


Rofl this is such a funny question


It's called a rimjob

Do it in the shower that's the cleanest way


Do You Know Poo Comes Out Of Thee As.s? Huh & You want To Put Yuhr tongue In His Butt Crack? That;s Discustining ., Sucking Is One This But Realy?


Of course! Just make sure everything's clean, ya know, just don't take risks. It can get a little dirty down there. ;D