REALLY embarassing first 5k time?

i ran my first 5k today... and got an extremely slow 29 minutes. i know part of it was my failure to pace myself at all. in the beginning i was one of the first people. but around the half way-3/4 mark i noticed people starting to pass me. i knew i wouldnt have a really good time, but i never expected that. is there any way i can get it down to 24-25 minutes by august 2nd (cross country tryouts start). and what are some good workouts/plans i can do to help me reach my goal? i know its short notice, but im willing to work for it.

by the way im:

16, female, 5'1


the trick is to use the drag of others in the initial 3/4th distance .

always remain behind the 1st few initially and use their wind grad to reduse ur energy burnout .

then at the end use ur full balance energy to run as fast as possible .

this is what great runners do and is scientifically proven technic.


Did you at least run in UAE heat? If yes, I have to compliment you. I even don't walk for more than 10 min outside in the summer.

Good luck with the cross country tryouts.