Do you think people change?

or do they just show you another side of their personality you were oblivious to?


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Most people don't but the other few that does usually changes to the worst, they become less patient more pessimistic and bad tempered but that mostly happens to people here in egypt, personally i have never seen anyone who changed into a better person so by time people around you starts to show you who they really are.. and most of the times its not good, yea it sucks i know :)


People can only change if they really "want" to change. It has to be their own decision to change not other people who force them to change.

If a person is forced to change, he'll change for a little but then he'll go back to his old habits.

People can help each other to change for the best but in the end if the person doesn't want to change, he'll never change. :)


People Changing everyday, and i think they start to lose their Behaviors, they need to Behave and Respect each other, if they really want to Change.


People can always change. But that is if they want to change.


i think they change. which is heartbreaking. bas isn't that better than the other option? not showing you their real personality all along?...if thats the case, then we're all in big trouble lol

bas for sure i think they change


Sometimes they change


people do change

but that depends on the situation there in


I think we just find out who they really are...