What do you think of Harlem (NYC)?

I went there recently and found it really depressing. The people looked really downbeat and it lacked the energy and vibe of Manhattan centre or even Chinatown.

Did I go there on a bad day or is Harlem just a poor place to visit?


@ the person who said that all the "poor people" live in Harlem: you must not be a native New Yorker and if you are, you must not have experience all of NYC or Harlem

There are many sides of Harlem, as there are many sides of Manhattan (which can be very dangerous depending on which area you are in).

I attend The City College of New York, which is located IN Harlem. Harlem is not as glitzy as Time Square or other tourist, it is more laid back. A lot of artsy and eccentric people who call Harlem home, Harlem is also rich with culture and historical significance

As someone else said, Harlem has it's nice area and it's not so nice areas.


Harlem is where all the poor live. It's crime rate is also ridiculous. Next time you're there, take protection.


not all of harlem because there are parts that have those high end condos when the rich people live, but you must have been in the wrong side of town.


I know I haven't seen all of Harlem. I've only seen it from a tour bus, and they take you to the part they want you to see. However, I was impressed with what I saw. The streets were clean, the area around the apartments was clean and uncluttered. Boys were playing basketball. People were sitting on the steps of the brownstones. The shops we passed had shoppers going in and out.. We didn't see any graffiti. We didn't see any "dangerous looking" people. We didn't see any broken windows. But we did see pots of flowers on a few porches. It looked like a low income neighborhood for people who take pride in their neighborhood.


I don't know where you went but Harlem is a great place to be and live. It has a whole lot of shopping and a whole lot of places to hang out. I think it's a great place to be.