Need help about shopping in Egypt?


I am going to Egypt in 2012, and I was just wondering what kind of stores they have, what they sell, what is appropriate to wear (or what they consider disrespectful), what kind of luxury stores they have (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.), and how much (approx.) they all cost. I am from Canada.

Thanks so much!




Hey fellow Canuck, lucky you! I've been three times and love the place! Check out Lonely planet and other travel books for the best shopping tips and hotels etc. Egypt is cheap and wonderful once you're there. Friendly people, great sites etc. Depends what time of year you're there. We were there in winter and it can get relatively chilly in the evenings so pack a sweater and light windbreaker as the wind comes off the Sahara at a pretty good clip. I would go for things with longish sleeves in order to avoid bug bites and longish pants or long skirt for the same reason. They sell anything in boutiques everywhere, from super aircon malls to old bazaars.


2012 after the Presidency election, lots of things might Change ;)

anyway you might check this Link it's one of the Good places

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#2's still too early.


well ,in Egypt we have every kind of stores , we have international brands and you can find it in any big mall like city stars in nasr city Cairo,and old markets like khan el khalili area so whatever you are looking for you will find it.