What is a cool rare name in japan?

that means what a name that is japanese,rare, and cool.


武者小路 (mushanokouji)

勅使河原 (teshigawara)

小鳥遊 (takanashi)

and strange rare names


管(kan) ← new prime minister



If everyone thought it was super cool, it wouldn't be rare now would it. Thats like saying "Whats a really popular name that no one likes?"


Hero , jun , aiba , shu , satushi , nino , nana , saki , maki , tegoshi and on ..


I agree with Ryan. Xie Xie, Ryan.


For a girl, Shinjyu. Means pearl. Is it cool? Have no idea. But that's my daughter's name and I think she is pretty cool. And I don't know of anyone else with the name. You're asking a pretty tough question. What is cool and what is not. If everyone thinks it cool, then it becomes common and therefore not rare. Cool and rare just don't mix. My daughter is cool and I have never met anyone else with her name.

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asahi. you gonna name your kid or something? why not after a japanese beer brand? ;D


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