Is oakland, CA dangerous?

I am looking at some apartments in Oakland, CA. I live in Wisconsin currently and most of my family lives in Santa Rosa, CA. Don't ask me how that happened! lol. I want to move somewhere affordable for myself ( I am 21 years old just going back to college.) But I also want to make sure that I am in a relatively safe neighborhood. Anyways, the exact address for some particular apartments is 6946 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, CA 94605. If anyone in the area has some insight or ideas about where some affordable apartments I could move to with my boyfriend would be, it would be much appreciated. I realize california is expensive to live in, but I would have help from my mom until I get on my feet. Just nothing too crazy expensive. Thanks in advance! Can't wait to move out there it is beautiful.


The above poster said that "Oakland isn't safe," and then suggested you look at Piedmont and Lake Merritt, which are *in Oakland.* Durr.

The area of that apartment is in area that is being rapidly gentrified and is overall reasonably safe. It's close to Mills College and across the street from a mall, so there will always be a pretty hefty police presence; in fact, I'm pretty sure there's a PD station right around there.

There are some VERY nasty areas of East and West Oakland - I'd know, I lived at San Pable & Mead in West Oakland, one of the worst corners. I saw someone open fire on a stoop full of gang members with an AK47 (no one was hit), saw a crackhead strip down and walk down the street naked and trying to pick fights with people... but that area is VERY far removed from other parts of Oakland, and is NOT the norm! People who automatically say, "Oakland is very dangerous and you should not live there" are generally paranoid suburbanites who have been there maybe once or twice in their life, a long time ago, even though they live in an adjacent suburb a few miles away. Sad. I've lived in the Bay Area less than two years and already know more about it than two-thirds of the locals...

I, personally, would look more at an area like Piedmont, Rockridge, Lake Merritt, etc. or the newly-gentrified strip down Telegraph downtown. Safe, clean, mostly middle-class people, fun bars and restaurants, and very close access to the BART.

Santa Rosa is a bit of a hike from Oakland, but it sure is closer than Wisconsin! You can still see them on your days off, easily.


the address you mentioned is near eastmont mall , east oakland is more dangerous area. if you college is in oakland, then choose somewhere near lake marrit or up 580, you can get studio for $850


first of all, oakland and santa rosa are not really that close to each other. about 58 miles one way betwen the two places. so if you are thinking about it being close to family, you are wrong.

oakland is not really that safe to be honest with you. what made you decide on oakland exactly? if you are looking to keep in that part of the bay, i would try to get more piedmont, lake merritt, rockridge in berkeley or even emeryville.


def not as bad as other cities i am just saying, i know no1 knows about mke.

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oh wait wait wait i had to add i live in milwaukee which you should all come and visit and laugh at becuz no cops come downtown because they r 2 scared.

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sleazy p u had an awesome answer i would like to add. wtf is an hr in the car in ca anyways? i go there every weekend anyways from wi so obviously it would be an upgrade! lets move away from your dangeous city further north cali, what do you say? LOL

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