American trying to figure out how to move, work and live in the UK.?

Im an american female who is 19. Ive been going to college and plan to have an associates in science, and plan to get a bachelors in information technology and computer science. I really want to move to the UK and I am trying to figure out how to. Is there anyone out there who can give me the run down on how to go about doing this. Please.


first make sure you can get a job. apply until you do, and then apply for a visa and then if you are approved confirm the job offer and get an apartment, a little harder than it sounds. lots of paperwork


hey i dont really know about the visas but you need to be financially secure, and i think the maximum you can stay here is 6 months without working?

if you get a good job or marry it will be much easier,

sorry if this doesnt help aha just trying to be helpful!