Suggestions of nice hotels in Chicago?

For those of you who have been to or live in Chicago what hotels would you recommend?

I would like it to be a nice one (internet/pool/clean) Also around kid friendly areas (6 year old brother going) Three of us are going and staying for a week. Im looking for some of the best hotels around there. The price is not a big problem (but nothing crazy expensive)

It will need to be around areas of public transportation (will not be renting car) or within walking distance of the main attractions of the city. I know Im being picky but I want this to be a really nice trip for all of us. One other thing, Would I need to make reservations for us we are leaving leaving monday. I dont know if I should make reservations or not. Would it be a good idea?


It just depends where you want to stay

Plenty of Hotels in the Chicago and surrounding area

Shear ton Holiday inns

yes Reservations would be help full

as for public trans

in chicago

buses run most of the day and trains do the same

make sure you check out the Adler Planetarium Field Museum Museum of Science & Industry

also the Lincoln Park Zoo is free admission

also get a 7 day cta bus pass if you plan on using public trans

also if you like pizza go to Pizzeria Uno or a Lou malnadi's