Electronics in carry-on?

So I'm going on a flight to Seattle from Philly and on US airways.

I'm bringing my mini laptop, camera, camera rechargeable batteries, cell phone, sd cards, flip camera,ear buds, and all their chargers on carry-on. Should I put them in like a plastic bag and take them out so security can see all of it through the x-rays? Or could I just leave all the stuff in my backpack, purse, and laptop bag? I just don't want any hassle when going through security.

Thanks (:


The only thing that needs to come out of your bag, and go into a bin separately from everything else, is the mini-laptop.

All of the other things can simply stay in your carry on bag, where ever is it convenient for you to have them. If you want to put the smaller items into a plastic bag - for your convenience - then you certainly may, but there is no TSA rule that says anything at all about doing that.


You can put your batteries in your carry on along with your SD cards. That's a lot to carry.

Just leave them in your carry on bags.


leave it all in a pocket in your bag if you have one. If not, then just leave it in your bag. For your lap top though, make sure you take it out of the case, and put it in a bin to go through the x-ray. Have a safe flight!