Easter poems


Thoughts of easter

- by Deborah Wininger 59

I awoke before dawn this Easter morn,
Laid very still and just thought,
Not of the eggs and bunnies that Easter brings,
But of the gift of life that it brought,
I thought of that cross he carried,
That crown of thorns on his head,
The nails into his body they buried,
Betrayed by even those that he led,
Up that road to Calvary,
Totally sinless too,
Jesus paid the ultimate out of love,
He died for me, for you,
Love keeps no records of right or wrong,
Love doesn't keep a score,
To our Father in heaven we all belong,
Just as on that day long before,
I looked in the room at my sleeping sons,
Tears slipped from my eyes,
God had done more than I could have done,
To just watch as my son suffered and died,
My Easter held such meaning then,
As I watched the dawn breaking through,
Just thinking of that day so long ago,
When God did what I could not do.


- by Michael A Burke Sr 58

When Jesus came on the scene
He came in a way that was humble
Here on earth
He never mumbled nor grumbled

Man shed innocent blood
When Jesus died on the cross
They though they were above God
In the end they found out who was boss

Easter is a day set aside
For Christ death, burial and resurrection
If in your life you're not living right
This is the time to make corrections

Easter shouldn't be celebrated
With nice clothes and beautiful hats
God's death, burial and resurrection
Has nothing to do with that

Jesus bore the cross
Heading for Calvary
Through God's love
Allowed us to be free

He was put in His tomb
And on the 3rd day He got out
So I could capture salvation
And for this reason I can jump and shout

Now when I think of Easter
I don't think of material things
I use it as a reminder
Of the joy it brings.

By Deacon Michael A. Burke Sr.
March 23, 2008

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