Grandparents day poems



- by Brentney S. Johnson 59

I didn't know my grandpa,
but I wish I could have though,
'cause from the stories mama has told,
I would have loved him so.
She said he was a big man,
who bounced her on his knee,
he baked her coconut cakes for her birthday,
she even had pictures for me to see.
My granny is very special, too,
'cause when we go to her house,
she finds lots of good things to do,
like making crafts and cookies too!
She takes me and my sister to the park
where we walk the walking trail,
and if it's really hot
she buys us ice cream by the pail!
She likes to take us to the creek,
so we can wade and wet our feet.
I wish you all could know my granny,
'cause she is so very sweet!

Grandma and grandpa

- by Cody 57

My Grandparents are like the sun
always keeping my day bright
they are always there for me
they are like my best friend
when I'm heart broken they fill the crack
now I see they just love me!

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