Thanksgiving poems

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King for a day

- by Jo McNally 59

I'm resting here quite regally
The feature of the table
Surrounded by potatoes that
I'd taste if I were able.

My subjects, scrubbed and beaming,
Circle round the royal platter
They seem to be adoring me
But something is the matter.

See me basking in the candlelight
My skin so nicely tanned
The reason for this treatment
I do not understand.

While I'd love to peck that dish of corn
And gobble down a berry
I find this jolly atmosphere
To be a trifle scary.

These human creatures were my friends
They filled me up with bread
But now I have suspicions that
They're cannibals instead!

Jo McNally - 10/25/97

Mothers thanksgiving dinner

- by Carmen R. Kincaid 58

A woman of age, eleven she'd given birth
Darkened hair, highlighted with grey
An apron draped over her rounded belly
A dinner of thanks she was preparing
The aroma of turkey roasting
Lingered in the kitchens air
Onions sauted in butter, broken bread,
Eggs and spices together mixed with broth, then in the turkey stuffed
'Taters boiled 'til tenderness,
Mashed with milk and buter
Yams, darkened sugar, butter and marshmellows slowly cooked
'Till syrup made
Yeast roll rising nearer the ovens heat
Sauce made of cranberries jelled
Hardened eggs made into deviled
Two pies of pumpkin made evenin' fore
All laid upon the table, with
Family gathered round
A prayer of thanks was spoken

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