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My annoying older sister

- by Thanjena Begum 59

A jelly I ate,
The one my sister made,
Made me want to faint,
She keeps stealing my paint,
And waking me up late,
Bossing me around,
Is what I can't take,
I want to slap her,
For goodness sake,
Spending my money,
Is not great,
Can't she stop,
For just one day,
Is what I want to say,
But if I do,
She'll smack me,
Straight away,
I wish I could call her a...,
Something that shall not be named,
But we're still sisters,
Even today,
Because of our,

This is done by a twelve year old


- by Lexie Webster 58

You're my nephew, my only man.
I can walk and hold your hand.
When I see you, I see a light.
when I see you, I hold on tight.
I would hold you and hold you all day long.
I miss you, so come back and see me long.

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