Giorgos Seferis poems

Giorgos Seferis(13 March 1900 - 20 September 1971 / Izmir)
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The Jasmin

- by Giorgos Seferis 11

Whether it's dusk
or dawn's first light
the jasmin stays
always white.

The Leaf of the Poplar

- by Giorgos Seferis 7

It trembled so, the wind set it sailing
it trembled so, how could it not yield to the wind
far beyond
the sea
far beyond
an island in the sun
and hand gripping oars
dying the last stroke at the sighting of port
tired eyes closing
like sea anemones

It trembled so much
I sought it so much
in the shade of the eucalyptus
Spring to Autumn
bare in the close woods
my God I sought it

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