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◆ We are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die.
- Douglas Coupland99
◆ Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.
- John O'Donohue99
◆ All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.
- Seán O'Casey99
◆ What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?
- Jim Butcher99
◆ Life is not like water. Things in life don't necessarily flow over the shortest possible route.
- Haruki Murakami99
◆ Gods prefer simple, vicious games, where you Do Not Achieve Transcendence but Go Straight To Oblivion; a key to the understanding of all religion is that a god's idea of amusement is Snakes and Ladders with greased rungs.
- Terry Pratchett99
◆ Everywhere man blames nature and fate, yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passions, his mistakes and weaknesses.
- Democritus99
◆ Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?
- Marcus Aurelius99
◆ It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time. ~
- Winston Churchill99
◆ Adapt yourself to the life you have been given; and truly love the people with whom destiny has surrounded you.
- Marcus Aurelius99
◆ Happy is the man who can do only one thing; in doing it, he fulfills his destiny.
- Joseph Joubert99
◆ Let us follow our destiny, ebb and flow. Whatever may happen, we master fortune by accepting it
- Virgil99
◆ If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up some place else.
- Yogi Berra99
◆ The destiny of man is in his own soul.
- Herodotus99
◆ Our destiny can be examined, but it cannot be justified or totally explained. We are simply here.
- Iris Murdoch99

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