Yankees, Red Sux or Rays in AL EAST?

Rays Wild Card Yanks East


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Yanks of course 1st answerer is a gay


yankees suck Red sox east Rays wild card


Rays East and I can care less if Yankees or Red Sux qualify.


Yanks and Rays WC


The Sox will win the Wild Card and the Yankees got the AL East the Rays are falling apart the other 2 as we all know be the 2 to beat they can't be beat or will be beaten either this is how Baseball is Red Sox and Yankees, the Rays are nothing.


Yanks east


Yanks will take the win and Rays will grab the wild card


The Yankees have the best record in the bigs, and we all know they don't start playing their best ball until after the all-star break. The Sox lost 2 key players for a significant amount of time and they might be to far out of it when they come back.

Yankees win the East again and the Rays take the Wild Card