Fastest base runner in the MLB?

Who do you think is the fastest base runner in the MLB? From what i have seen i would have to say Brett Gardener.


Brett Gardner has 4 inside the park homers. He is probably the fastest runner in the mlb. See him play everyday.


I think Drew Stubbs, Dee Gordon and Tony Campana all are fricken fast.

Brett Gardner is no doubt a good choice too


Michael Bourn hands down!


I can't think of any one fastest runner, but Brett Gardner and Juan Pierre are the first 2 I think of.


Michael Bourn, Tony Campana, Dee Gordon, Drew Stubbs, Juan Pierre at one time. Eric Young is pretty fast too.


From what you have seen is wrong, it is obviously the rookie Dodger, Dee Gordon, look him up.


Brett Gardner is the fastest around the bases, and Carlos Gomez is the fastest straight up.


Dee Gordon is the fastest guy. I ran a 60 yd. Dash in 7.25 and I'm the fastest guy on my high school squad. Apparently, he ran a 60 in 6.3 seconds. Fricken sick.