Can fans nominate someone for manager of the year?

How do I go about nominating Jim Leyland for manager of the year for 2011? The Tigers are in good shape, he's the manager, I'd like to know if there's any way to nominate him.


If any of the Tigers fans see this question, they will absolutely rip you. Those guys can't stand him.


they have fan voted awards on MLB.Com at the end of the year but i don't think you can vote for the real award


I like Jim Leyland and Joe Maddon. I think you can go to the MLB website at the end of the season for voting. I don't remember what happened last year. Maybe it is a player's vote?


Jim Leyland a. Leaves pitchers in too long. B. Has a terrible closer who relies on luck for his saves. C. Has terrible staff. MOTY worthy? NO.


No, the fans can't nominated someone for manager of the year. The managers most deserving will received the votes. If fans could nominate somebody, all 30 managers would be nominated by somebody anyway.

The Tigers were suppose to win the division easily this year yet they've only been in first place for about a week. Right now, Manny Acta of the Indians deserves the award a lot more than Leyland. A lot of people picked Cleveland to finish last this year.