Do u think Orlando tmac is a better scorer then any player today?

I'm talking about guards in particular. When was with the orlando magic; he avereged 28 ppg with them. He also had that season were he averged 32 ppg. He was the playoff leader in ppg at 33 ppg.

And he scored 62 points; the was the first gaurd not named micheal jordan to score 62 points or more between 1980 and 2005.

In 2005 the rules changed allowing guards to be stars.Since then; kobe's had 4 60 point games; iverson 1 and arenas one. And a bulk of gaurds have had 50 and 40 point games. Before 05. it was rare for gaurds to avg more the 25 ppg (kobe couldn't do it) and iverson did it with a low fg %. The change in hadnchecking rules have freed up gaurds and made it easier for them dominate games.

People say kobe has become a better scorer, same with wade and LeBron. u can make the argument for wade and lebron cuz their young but kobe's sudden boost is not from improvement but frm rule changes. Now we have Durant and carmelo scoring big.

If u think about it; the best players in the league (excluding jordan) from 1980 to 2005 were always bigmen. Shaq, Duncan, Hakeem, malone and david robinson to name a few. Greats like bird and magic were good, but it wasn't cuz of their scoring. Big men scored more. Of the 40 highest scoring seasons in nba history. From 1980 - 2005 only jordan and tmac's years are there.…

Think about it.


Tough to say, it's close.

I think T-Mac was a better scorer than Wade or Carmelo.

imo, Lebron and Kobe are the only guys in the NBA right now who are at T-Mac's level as a scorer.

And yeah, the game has changed over the years in terms of who the "main" guys are (i.e. what position they play).

But T-Mac could fill it up.

He was the dumbest great player I've ever seen (mental mistakes), but the dude could score.


I agree. Orlando T-Mac was definitely the best scorer. The statistics might fool you though. They one-upped each other in those 4 seasons. But I watched both of them during those times and T-Mac was the most prolific scorer I've seen since Jordan and though Kobe today is on his heels, he still isn't on par with the T-Mac in an Orlando uniform. T-Mac could shoot the lights out from practically anywhere. He had scoring outbursts every other game. He just had the ability to score in bunches (and then some) night in and night out. It'll be hard to top Orlando T-Mac today. The only guy I see who could possibly compare to him in the coming years is Kevin Durant. But for now, Orlando T-Mac remains the best scorer since Michael Jordan. And I just wanted to say, that trade to Houston destroyed him. Had he stayed in Orlando, he would be in Kobe's place today. In constant discussion as to who is the best in the league and a sure fire Top 3 Player. But that trade just prevented it from happening.



a question that doesn't want to make me break my computer screen.

I think you make a really good point though. I never really liked Orlando or T-Mac until he came to the Rockets. That was my very first NBA jersey. I don't know if I would jump to conclusion and say he is better than anyone today though even though that might be true...there is always wade, lebron and those other free agents though that scored a lot on there sucky teams. Guess we just have to wait and find out.


uhhh kobe 30 ppg 04

28 ppg 01

02 25.5 ppg