Junior Varsity Tryouts Help.?

Hi, I'm 15 and 5'9

This is my first time trying-out 'cause last year I forgot my shorts that why I wasn't able to tryout, smh. I know anyway. first, is im not sure what position to try out. PG, SG, or SF. I can play all three and im pretty much comfortable with them. I really don't like the Full Court Press and I don't really like playing defense in the low post.

Anyway, I'm a Slasher (They call em The Ninja) Lmao, a very good Off-Ball Defender. Effective on the Box and 1. Has Great Vertical leap, Pass First and a "When it rains it Pours" Shooter. It's like when I feel it I'd take that shot it i'll go in, if im having an off night, give me a layup and ill miss it. y'all get my drift right.

anyway, my main problem is that for me to be effective offensively I need the ball. I'm pretty sure I can't have the ball set plays and create for my own during try outs especially if the coach doesnt know I play like that. It's just because I maximize my potential and my skills when I have the ball and have the confidence to do whatever.

Any Tips? Thanks in Advance


Well first off you need to learn to like the full court press or play without the ball cause you will have to play one of the gairds and if u play point you will be running around alot in the full court press and if you play the 2 you won't always have the ball. But if iwere you iwould play the 2 since you didn't play last year and you would have to learn the offense inside on out while at the 2 you will still handle the ball alot but u won't hav all the responsiblity. It will also give u the best shot a making the team


yeah go for the PG that is the only position where you get to handle the ball where you are in charge you control the flow you can slash the lane dish it out you do not like low post defense so do not play SF beause it will require some low post defense. put point guard your almost always an off the ball defender so play there and remember it sound like you play alot like steve nash cause he is a shooter and very good at getting to the hoop and finding an open player the key is do not be selfish and act with alot of confidence


WTF is smh? no one cares about jv tryouts make varsity....