Basketball question? 10 pts best asnwer?

Am i the only one that feel kinda uncomfortable when i post up because the the defender grind into your butt


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if you did that to me i would be like oooooh yeah!lol jk but um yeah i get what you mean kinda like when guys tap each others asses before they go back onto the court also weird. wonder when that started?


not comfortable with your sexuality much?


Probably not. But put on your nikes and 'just do it'.


Next time, get the ball in the post and face up instead of backing down.. Then the two of you can rub your wang-rods together..


Your gay.


First of all, in a game like basketball, you should be prepared for anything that might happen - uncertainties, injuries, contact, and discomfort. To answer your question, you shouldn't have that feeling in the first place because in basketball, you DO NOT think of those things. Those are just part of the game and it's something inevitable that you must live with. What you do instead is to focus on the game, focus on the ball, and focus on what you're doing. The defender is just doing his job and things are worse once you get to the professional leagues.


i felt the same way when i was younger but now to me basketball is basketball and it is just part of the game


if you cant even deal with posting up, then just drop the basketball and leave.

BTW... give me ten points