Do You Honestly Care Where LBJ Ends Up?

Do You Honestly Care Where LBJ Ends Up?


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nope not really I will just be happy when he makes up his mind.


Nope . He is the most overrated player ever . I hate him . I don't see why he's so special . He hasn't won any rings . So , basically , he's the same as everyone else . Not some beast or legend .


no i just would like for all the hype to be sick of seeing him all on espn and him having his own line on the bottom of espn




No, Lakers will beat watever team LeBron is in, even if LeBron is playin with Jesus, He still cnt win a ring.


I'm mildly interested in where he winds up. I'm not interested to keep track of every rumor and read every story from some NBA analyst with "inside information" that says he's definitely staying in Cleveland. Or going to Chicago. Or Miami. Or retiring.

I'll wait until he actually signs somewhere and then see how the rest of the FA market shakes out, then I'll start looking towards next season.


I do, not because where he end up but rather

who is with him. it might have impact on

the playoffs and finals for 2011


Not really, but what I really care about is 1)If Dwyane Wade is going or staying and 2)who is coming to Miami.

I would really care if Lebron went to Miami though...