Who is not liking the fact that the Lakers won the Championship and why?

i know its a little to late for the question and its kinda old news..... im just curious


i don't like it because Kobe just says the politically correct thing just to make himself look like he wants to win worse than anybody. and the lakers "fans" who just show up to gain notoriety like all the celebrities that have movies coming out just show up to advertise it


I'm fine with it, just not EVERY year.. if the same teams keep winning, then things get too predictable, and predictability gets boring and people lose interest.

This goes for ALL 30 teams.


I'm not a Lakers fan

And i'm a Suns fan

so they're a rival

and that's why I wasn't very happy when Lakers won championship, but i didn't cry over it


Im obviously super happy. This ones for Ron


Well you're a Spurs fan and the pretty much answers your question. You're team is old and washed up and the Lakers are flourishing into another dynasty. It's natural to feel jealousy towards a team that leaves yours in the dust. The best thing for you to do is to KISS THE RING AND SHOW YOUR RESPECT.


cause people start comparing bryant to jordan which he's not even close


im happy...........suck it bitchesssss!