Top power teams in the east?

So i would say the top 4 teams in the east are Boston,Miami,Orlando and Chicago!

Without i can see Boston,and miami in the eastern confrence but im uneasy about Orl.,and CHI,I feel these two can be beaten on anygiving night by any team, Chi often have bad nights and in the playoffs that could hurt them,and Orl get cold for stretches and Dwight gets in foul trouble which also is unacceptable in the playoffs.

Which of these two teams can possible get elimimated in the first round?


Top teams


2. Miami

3. Orlando

4 Chicago

First teams to be eliminated are Orlando and Chicago

Orlando- They've nice backcourt and most of the players are shooting 3's, Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass are one' who are good in the paint. But the problem is they're not really good defensively, especially when you said Dwight might get early foul troubles...and they might be cold shooting on 3's or something like that.

Chicago-For me, Chicago is one of the best defensive team in the NBA. They have their MVP D-Rose and All-Star Boozer. The only problem is they might get a night that they will be cold offensively. They've had an up and down game sometimes. Joakim Noah should return so that they will have another scorer and a good defender.


My picks for a first round out is orlando, the bulls play ok they have good and bad nights but normally the magic fold in the playoffs. Miami and celtics in conference for sure


I would go...

1. Boston

2. Miami (when 100% healthy)

3. Chicago/Orlando