What are all the basketball positions?

i joined my school basketball team and im wondering what are all the positions and what they do. i dont watch basketball games much i dont really know much.


on a team they gonna call it by numbers.

1 - point guard - the position that will run the play

on the court.

2 - shooting guard - the position for shooting purpose (originally)

now is more of position for scoring.

3 -Small Forward - the position that play like a shooting guard

but plays in Short / Mid range area.

4 - Power forward - the Position that give the support to Center

normally plays in Short range.

5. Center - normall the biggest man on the court, the position to

get the rebound and guard the baskets.

these are simple way to ID the different position. but every postion

may have different responsiblity depend on the team.


Point Gaurd

Shooting Guard

Small Forward

Power Forward



Point Guard

Shooting Guard

Small Forward

Power Forward



Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center.


Point guard or the one spot, shooting guard or the two spot, small forward or the three spot, power forward or the four spot and center or the five spot.

Usually in high school they go by the numbers not the real position name.