IF this happens will it be one of the best?

If Chicago faces the Knicks in the playoffs will it be one of the best series ever?


it would be a epic series, the 2 teams match

pretty good and I think it would go to game 7

Bulls win the series.


chicago will take it in 6.


a series of super stars

rose and boozer vs melo and amare


Hopefully..before Chicago couldn't beat New York for some reason, maybe now they can


I would really enjoy seeing that series.


yeah, i see that happening. Chiacago holding onto 3rd

and i dont see Knicks catching up to Orlando or Atlanta record wise, should be a great series.

Knicks have more star powers (Carmello&Amare>> Rose and Boozer) but the Bulls have one of the top 2 or 3 defences in the L and a better overall team.

But the star power should help if its a one or 2 posession game.

i say gimme Bulls in 7


It will be good, but the knicks dont want this! It took me a lot of research but here:

Chicago Bulls Point Guard Derrick Rose is having an outstanding season.

It comes as no surprise that he is an MVP candidate. At 24.7 points and 8 assists per game, he makes Felton's 17 and 9 look like peanuts.

Rose is also a real threat from beyond the arc. He shoots 38 percent from downtown. But if the three-ball isn't falling, that's okay, because he can hit the mid-range jumper with his eyes closed and even drive the ball to the basket.

Felton may be a quick Point Guard, but Rose is faster and more explosive. He has the potential to drop 35 or 40 points on any given night.

And if that's not enough, Rose is also a stellar defender so Felton will not be able to resurrect himself on the offensive side.

Felton cannot be criticized for paling in comparison with Rose. There are very few, if any Point Guards that would be able to slow down Rose.

The Bulls are making themselves relevant when it comes to selecting the NBA's elite teams and Rose is the main reason that they are a part of the conversation.

Rose will consistently score 20 plus points per game and as of right now, he is nowhere near as banged up as Felton is.

This will be a key a match-up should the Bulls and Knicks find themselves opposite each other in the playoffs.

But unless Felton is holding back any hidden talents, Rose is a lock to win this Point Guard battle