Knicks fans: Do you miss the 09-10 Knicks?

I miss David Lee(Great Rebounder and a pretty good scorer),Chris Duhon(Great passer),Nate Robinson(he was a great scorer and athlete. And I know D'Antoni traded him because Robinson had problems with D'Antoni. But he got traded to the Celtics for useless bench warmers.),and I miss Al Harrington alot(Good Rebounder and He is an amazing 3 point shooter,he was basicly the leader of the Knicks and was the Knick's leading scorer).

BQ-What do you think of Renaldo Balkman being back on the Knicks? He is a good defender.


I miss David Lee. His offense was dominating and I like the fact how he was home grown and we drafted him. I wanted the Knicks to keep him when he went into free agency, but they got Amare instead (which I'm not going to complain about because Amare is a great player too). I was thinking a Amare/Lee combo.... but that wasn't going to happen. I also remember T-Mac. He had this one great game then returned to his sucky form. I always liked Nate Robinson, but thought he had a bad attitude. I miss Al Harrington and his threes too, but let's face it, he was only there to become a free agent next year to clear up cap room. Speaking of threes.... Gallinari is going to become a top three point shooter was his career progresses

Yeah, Balkman, Brewer and Fields are all good defenders. I think the "KNICKS HAVE NO DEFENSE!" viewpoint is stupid. I'm so glad they kept Fields


I do now! they let go of My favorite player! Raymond Felton


i only miss david lee


Knicks are trash and they will never get through the Celtics.


You miss the Knicks that went 29-53? WOW! Haha


Yea i Miss David Lee and Al Harrington they were two of my favorite players

BQ I never really liked Balkman but he ok