Why Do people think I'm a Knicks bandwagoner?

Seriously,I'm not. I was born and raised in Brooklyn,New York. I still live in Brooklyn. All of my friends are Knicks fans. And sure,Celtics are my 2nd favorite team,but thats because I have family members who live in Boston and when I visit them, they take me to Celtics games. Is it bad to like 2 teams?But Knicks have always been #1 for me.


And this was all before Melo was traded to NY.


Your definatly not


Yes, real fans root for their hometown teams


Being a fan of the Celtics and the Knicks is like being a fan of the Yankees and the Red Sox. The rivalry isn't as great as it used to be, but c'mon man..


dude, i'm a knicks fan. but i lose respect for you when you say you have another favorite team, especially the celtics.

true fans of any team only show support for one team


Um, why would someone ask what other team you like if you said who you're favorite team was? And you're definitely not a true Knicks fan if you like Boston.


You sure you were born in Brooklyn? Probably Manhattan