NBA: Which Duo is better in the East?

Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire...


Dwayne* Wade & LeBron James... [*spelled phonetically correct]


Dwight Howard & Hedo Turkoglu...


Derrick Rose & Carlos Boozer...


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no no yall wrong andre miller and lamarcus aldridge are the best duo in the league by the way just kidding wade and james got my vote hands down no debate case closed shut the door turn the light out.


rondo and pierce.


the second


lebron and wade now but stat and melo could be better

rose and booze


We never saw Carmelo and Amar'e play yet so who knows.


DWYANE Wade and LeBron

The top two players in the league


heats 2 are best for sure.


I like Anthony and Amare the best of those, but James and Wade are probably the best.