Why are people saying my team is bad?

QB: Matt Schuab

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew

RB: Steven Jackson

WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Miles Austin

WR: Brandon Llyod

TE: Chris Cooley

DST: New England

QB: Sam Bradford

RB: Mark Ingram

RB: Ryan Grant

RB: Mikel Leshoure

WR: Randy Moss (Worth the risk)

WR: Titus Young

WR: Mercedes Lewis


Your running game is beast along with your receiving core in Andre Johnson and Miles Austin, I don't expect Brandon Llyod to have another big year like last season. Chris Cooley still a top tight end in the NFL.

You may not have the greatest QB in Schuab, but you have a great rotation in Schuab and Bradford.


It's good. RB would be your weak point but a strong weak point. WR is good. Defense might studder.


Your team isn't bad, just I don't see you competing with the really good teams like mine. I think you'll finish between 4th-6th.


Foster is taking away from Schaubs influence, if you want Flacco or Cassell to get more points give me a good offer

RB are good

WR Are good

Defense is...well New England ha I didnt think you would use them, who did you pick?


If you are in a 4 team league this is a terrible team.

If you are in a 12 team league it is an excellent team.

Stay thirsty my friend.


Schaub's numbers have gone down a lot since Foster has gotten a lot of carries. Grant, Moss, Ingram and Leshoure are question marks. Young is a #3 WR. They normally don't put up good numbers. Cooley is average. Defense is pretty good. Wide receivers are great and RB are pretty good.

Plus you don't have a kicker.