Predictions for how far you think England will get? :D?

I reckon England will make the semi-finals, and that's being optimistic :) Quarter finals is probably where we'll reside agian, as we will most liely get france in the quarter finals, although we could have a chance of beating france, who were very very poor against uraguay :P I'm not sure if we have the potential to win though, I just think Spain will walk it tbh....what do you think? :)


England is almost always good for getting to the quarter finals. They can never close the deal though. Too many question marks surround the current England line-up. They probably had a better chance in the last two Cups than they have now.


semis atleast


It takes me at least the first half to determine who is the better team and DESERVES to win regardless of the outcome.

I love the Premier League players - but as a team, England is a little wishy-washy. So is Mexico and even Argentina. I found that "smaller" countries with less big name players do better as a team. England has too many egos running around. Rooney shows his frustration often. Just watch him fuming from his ears.

I do not think any of the teams i mentioned above will make it to the semi-finals.

Plus we haven't seen N-Korea yet... They'll be in the finals against Brazil.


Remember that this is the world cup. So there is an extra round called round of 16 before the quarters. I highly doubt they'll reach the semis.


well today they will lose 3-1

but then again i never think that far..

best regards to your teams!