Are Nigeria tactically inept? Or are Argentina exceptionally good?

A little of both in my opinion.

Argentina are great, Messi floats about in midfield. He doesn't track back much but Veron covers for him. We all know Messi is great - one of if not the best in the world. But for me it is Veron who is pulling the strings today. He sits back so when Nigeria get bodies back behind the ball - he exploits the gap between thier midfield and forwards. Argentina totally controlled the flow of the game with Veron pulling the strings.

Nigeria simply do not track thier men. Messi is an expert at exploiting space - why are they allowing it to him on a plate? Messi is outstanding but he has shown time and time again that he has an Achilles heal. Have a physically strong player man mark him and he is much less dangerous. Veron is great with his distrubution - but he is slow. Close him down fast.

Overall Argentina are by far the best of the few teams I have seen so far.

Q - So which is it? Nigeria poor or Argentina great?


Im surprised you haven't been named Nigeria's coach by now, with all the great tactical insight.

Argentina are just a better team than Nigeria. That is all.


this question is inept. Just like Argentina.


Seriously man. Argentina, with Lionel Messi will not lose


On full form Messi is unstoppable one v one. Even if the defender is 'big & physical'..

The only way to stop Messi is by putting three defenders on him... See semi-final matches vs Chelsea & Inter...

EDIT: Name ONE time he was stopped by one defender while on full form... You have all of your life to look that up...