Is it true that England have sent out Heskey? What for?

Mr. Emile Heskey - 3rd choice striker at Aston Villa. Aston Villa?

Is he going to injure someone like he did to Rio?

Maybe JT?


Yes it's Rooney's 1st preference for a teamate along his side

dont ask me any more questions on this cause I dont know and dont wanna know the details on why...


I'd have "sent out" Heskey as well...for some popcorn for Capello


I think that its Capelo trying not to get our hopes to high ... I mean our squad looks brilliant ... 3 good keepers, great defence and midfield with good back up, one worldclass stricker with two other really good strickers who can score goals. It makes you think we have a really really good chance, Hesky is just someone to blame if we lose


yes its true...and its cos he looks like a walrus, they've sent him out to make the other players look more attractive.