Dear English section - Greece are really pi$$ing me off - Help?

they will break my heart :(((((((((

FQ: what do you see wrong with us so far


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thats greece and liverpool then .. lmfao ..


tOuz, remember that at least they qualified for the tournament which makes them better than heaps of other countries' teams.

Stay true to them, even if it hurts....that's what being a loyal fan is all about.


Sorry tOuz...I have to laff....... hahahahahahahah...u talk so much smack.....I still love u tho


They should be about 5-0 down now... they are useless

dR bad

even worse than Scotland ?


South Korea are just too good on the counter attack and too organized defensively. I think they're just gona sit back defensively and then wait for the right moment to initiate a quick counter and score another goal or two. Greece look vulnerable at the back, and the Korean wingers and forwards are super quick. The Greek keeper is also a joke.

BTW, Park just scored. It's 2-0 South Korea. Game over.


Keeper is stupid and the sun isn't even bothering him unlike the Korean keeper.


Greece won't won a thing in the group stages.


Try Smashing some plates that might help you get over it.


They are playing like Geeks.