Okay, so how did Guille Franco and Oscar Perez's experience help today?

Guille Franco never scored a goal today in the 60 minutes that he played and he missed badly on his 3 shots (2 off his head and 1 he shot directly to the goalkeeper). With the exception of these 3 opportunities Guille struggled to find an opening and this was because Guille was too slow to separate and keep up with Vela and Dos Santos. Conejo Perez proved that he was too old to jump high enough and too short to get his hands on the goal by Siphiwe Tshabalala. If Conejo was just a little bit taller and younger he would have been able to jump high enough to block the shot. Too bad we don't have a goalkeeper to block that kind of shot--oh wait, we do? It's Guillermo Ochoa! So why did dumbass Aguirre bench him! Costly mistake. Javier Hernandez moved faster in the box and was able to draw defenders off of Marquez when Guardado fired a cross to Marquez who made the goal. It may not have been a goal, but he did what Franco failed to do and that was draw and move the defense around allowing Marquez to get open. Vela should have never been taken out for Blanco as Blanco was ineffective, no surprise, and we lost speed towards the end of the game. We had speed and pressure with Vela only to lose it as the game progressedadn Blanco's legs began to give out. Daniel Brailovsky said it best on ESPN Deportes, "The only thing experience gives you are old and soft legs." Blanco, Perez, and Franco only proved his point today.


ok the reason i think aguirre started perez and guille was to take the pressure off of chicharito and ochoa. i keep trying to defend his actions somehow but if he starts both of these players against france then there is something seriously wrong with him, maybe he bet money against mexico or something.


They didnt really. Sout Africa were far better.


The less experienced players would of done worse


Jaiver Aguirre either doesnt care for the Mexican squad (hes Basque) and/or hes an idiot. He leaves Pavel Pardo, Bravo, Castillo, at home. And starts the WC opener with Paul Aguilar and Guille and Conejo? While Chicharito (unproven true) and Guaradado on the bench? WTF? As soon as I saw Conejo in the box, I knew it would be one of those days. As for Blanco, he gave Mexico pace. Old yes, Soft yes too. But he delivered a few good passes too. ESPN called it when Vela left the field, he was a no-show in the game. I would have preferred to started blanco to allow him to wear down the defense, and have brought in Vela in the second half fresh to take on tired defenders. Also, where was Pablo Bararerra? He did great in the friendlies before todays match.

What it comes down to is politics. Apparently you have kiss *** or miss out on the Cup period. Just look at Ronaldinho.


ay caramba you write novel amigo


Aguirre is a pendejo nuff said, he is the one who puts the players in the field and he is sending the wrong players in the field. if there is one to blame its pinche Aguirre he still thinks he is coaching the 02 version of Mexico. wake up call Aguirres this is 2010 and we don't need players like......... Franco, Perez, and Aguilar what the phuck are you thinking guey. seems like he is doing this on purpose to leave Mexico after the World Cup and go to Europe.


I know some one poke Conejo in the eyes so he doesn't play!


True. Perez, Guille, and Blanco did nothing for Mexico today. We need Ochoa, Guardado, and Chicharo.