It's a draw

Tshabalala scored for SAFRICA AND Rafael Marquez scored for Mexico. I wasnted Mexico to win but Bafana Bafana played beutifully :) Who do u think will win the next match France or Uruguay?

Dos Santos played awesomely really awesomely and also Franco

Mexico should have won.


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it was an awesomeeeeeeeee game omgosh iloved it!

and i think that france will win :)


That game sucked. both mexico or south africa play horribly. None of them are competition for high class teams. they will get eaten alive after the group stage.

I can see a tie in france with uruguay becauseboth teams are not playing that good


To me it was a slow game and SA played only in the second half.


boring game


Not at all! I expected more out of Mexico but as usual they start pretty pumped and then they all fall apart slowly. That last point was a miracle and yes, they should have won but they were running w/o a brain. South Africa should be proud they could hang and delivered.


I was pleased with what I saw in the match and I wasn't really that bothered about the outcome. At the end of the day, we know that neither SA or Mexico will win it anyway, but it was a great game from a neutral point of view. Mexico had the better of the first half and I'd say the second half was even, so maybe Mexico should have won..

I think 3-1 France for the next game tonight.


well actually I dont care I'm with Brazil :)

but I like to enjoy the good games

wanted Mexico to win n for the next I'll go with France


sure it was, and it shows that mexico doesn't stand a chance to win over Uruguay or France, what was Aguirre thinking when he choose " el conejo Perez" as goal keeper. if Ochoa was there, other would be the story.