Ok. I have a serious question here...?

...It has probably been asked before but I'm going to ask again.

Why hasn't England won the WC since 1966? You guys have one of the most competitive national leagues, if not the most competitive, you have a number of really talented players and the money which brings the coaches.

Could it be the media?


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No....Clueless Managers.....Seriously how Hard must it be to Manage a team of Professional players WHO happen to know their's not like a league manager who has to deal with all sorts of problems everyday...Even Maradona with NO managerial experience made Argentina look like World beaters,also Marco Van Bastien and Jurgen Klinnsman all had pretty good success's with their National Team..Capello with his credentials in football management is Completely out of sorts with his Team formation and Selection..


@Yahoo appeal champ 7V& Bio - can you not read properly? You got a few good answers there? Jesus what a moron...

This question has been answered ad infinitum - there are only theories as to why we have not won since 66. To put it this way - even the experts are puzzled as to why we haven't won since then.


the media has hyped them up and killed them too many times


Mate they won`t give you a straight answer they are incapable of it.


u looking 4 a scapegoat already?


Because we haven't

Simple as that


yea, too much emphasis on one player, like now with rooney and also we have great players but they dont seem to gel very well together


Cause they are not good.