Who's the better player kaka or christiano ronaldo?

Who's the better player kaka or christiano ronaldo?


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I think cristiano ronaldo is better right NOW but if u were to put cristianos and kakas achievments against each other then kaka will win. Kaka is brilliant in midfield that is why real hired him for his long accurate passes and shots and his ability to think outside the box. Cristiano is fast but is a show off. Do his tricks work ......well. most of the time but he is a talented player who is brilliant to watch. Kaka hasny been at his best latelly due to his injurys.... Cristiano has done well club wise but he will have to put his mark in the national team. I think cristiano beats him by a little but if kaka (brazil) wins the world cup this may change.


ronaldo is a pretty boy but hes still real talented. soccers his life since he knew how to walk so i think thats what gives him the edge. idk too much about kaka but wow 3-0 he did pretty good yesterday


Cristano. Kaka was good when Milan had him but his last season there was well below his previous seasons. Now he's far to injury prone. Kaka appears to have lost his pace which was his number 1 weapon. CR7 is playing superb. I think he plays well regardless of where he is


christiano ronaldo


Very close Kaka is no doubt a world star , he is quick , a fantasic passer and call score all sorts of amazoing goals , but when on top from Ronaldo is better as he just scores goals for fun and is the most skillful player in world football with every aspect to be a top winger and striker .


Both are very good, but Kaka is better.

Kaka assists so much goals for both country and club. Ronaldo is also good.

Kaka is the complete playmaker.


Cristiano Ronaldo..!


Cristiano Ronaldo